I'm Jasmine! I was born and raised in Berlin, Germany and am currently living (and thriving!) in Canada. 

I moved to Canada three years ago, for love.

While it was a beautiful thing, it also came with a lot of challenges I had never even considered. 
I dealt with loneliness, wondered how to make new friends, and faced some major cultural/ social differences.

At times, I just wanted to go home. 
Everything felt so different and difficult!

The good news is that after going through these challenges, I started to realize what's most important in life


I created JB Lifestyle to help those who:

✔️Want some tips for moving abroad (how to prepare, what to expect, and how much it'll cost)

✔️Want to know what it's really like living in Canada (Transparent discussion about the cultural differences)

✔️Want to beat loneliness and find a great friend circle
✔️Want to live a happy, healthy and fit life abroad
✔️Want to find happiness within, here and now

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Welcome to JB Lifestyle!


Go for whatever makes you happy

© 2019 by Jasmine Battenfeld.

Contact: jblifestyle.bln@gmail.com

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