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   WHO AM I   

I am Jasmine, born and raised in Berlin, Germany, currently living in Canada. I moved to Canada for love four years ago and while it was a beautiful journey it also came with a lot of challenges I never thought of before.

Challenges like being alone, finding new friends, cultural differences and social norms were subjects I did not consider before moving. At times I just wanted to go home because everything felt so different and difficult. I got to know a part of myself I never experienced before.       I had no idea how attached I was to my home, family and friends and that being without them would affect me so much. Finding the right job for myself was a big challenge as well and dealing with a different lifestyle such as driving almost everywhere. 

But giving up was not an option for me and I am happy I did not give up because I learned and gained so much from this



I also discovered a lot of new differences in Canada that I did not see when

I visited before. And going through this process of finding myself made

me realize what's important to me and what kind of

life I would like to live.

And after all, I came to the conclusion that I would love to share my

knowledge and experience with others.

Whether you need tips for moving abroad or coping with a tough

situation or you are simply interested in listening to my experience

in Canada, my podcast can be a great addition to your preparation and




Please listen in!




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